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I have always had a passion for working with children who have disabilities.  When I was attending the UofS for my first year university I volunteered in a special education classroom at my old high school.  The students ranged from ages 14-21, which at the time majority of the students were older then I was!  I was only 18 at the time with little experience in the classroom but I was willing to learn anything that the teachers would teach me. 

Mrs. B was one of the teachers that taught within that classroom and she is to this day one of my inspirations.  I aspire to teach just as she did.  She taught with such passion and loved coming into the school each and every day.  I volunteered in that classroom for 6 months coming in 2-4 days a week. 

As I got more comfortable with the students and with in the classroom setting the teacher allowed me to teach lessons of my own.  They encouraged me to use technology to enhance the learning for the students.  Some of the students who had severe disabilities had a hard time voicing their answers or questions, so using certain types of technology enabled them to become part of the classroom.  We used at the time lap tops and computer programs for the students and they from there were able to ask questions or answer questions that were asked.

Having the ability to use certain technologies in your classroom can engage those students that are sometimes forgotten about because they are so quiet.  Or maybe they are not quiet, they just are unable to find their voice.

This video is very inspirational towards using assistive technology for students with disabilities.  It allows them to become engaged and contribute to the class.  Watch this video and let me know what you think about assistive technology!

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