ECMp 355 blog spot
I would like to begin this post with a quote from Suli Breaks

"This one is for my generation, this one is for the ones who found what they were looking for on google, followed their dreams on Twitter, pictured their future on Instagram, excepted destiny on Facebook.."

That quote is from the video is called I will not let an exam mark determine my fate.  That quote hits me every time I watch that video and makes me realize we are that generation, he is talking about me.  That is our generation, what about the generation we will be teaching? What about them?  How will we engage them?  How? How? How?

The technology we are using everyday is still amazing to me and is constantly changing.  How as teachers do we keep up with all of the new hip technology?

This question of "how" is something I constantly ask myself since Ive been taking this course.  I want to know how you as future teachers plan on using technology in your classroom to ENGAGE the fut


Ali Burkell
05/22/2013 3:35pm

Thank you so much for sharing this video. I have always thought I would be pretty anti personal technology in the classroom but the more I see the more I realize that not only is that impossible, but detrimental to learning. This video proves that point. Education is changing and I guess it shouldn't surprise us that it is so different and that students want to learn and be engaged in new ways because thats how I feel. I enjoy watching online videos and creating projects that allow me to think outside of the box and use what I know so it makes me think that I have to remember that when teaching my future students.


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