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I found this picture on Pinterest today.. What do you think?

06/07/2013 9:32am

Hi Brittney,

I like this picture you have found; I think it is very accurate and it is vital in order for educators such as ourselves to remind ourselves we always learn. Sometimes, we tend to forget that we don't hold all the knowledge, the students can also be teachers. Students have so much knowledge and skills! Yes, teachers go to university and gain information and knowledge, but the great thing about working with children is you learn something new every day! We need to be able to tell and show our students this as well, and that we as educators benefit from learning from our students in many ways.

06/08/2013 11:23am

This is so true Brittney! There actually have been studies done that show you retain 90% of what you teach to someone else or apply right away. I also know from my own experiences, the things that I would tutor peers in, I understood a lot better than what I didn't.
I think this reality is apart of the real life application that engages students. They have used the information in some way, so it was actually useful to learn it.
Finally, this hits home with something one of my music methods profs said: "You will have students who know more than you, or who have a different way of looking at things." I think this is extremely important to remember, and that we cannot place ourselves on a pedestal of knowledge. Especially once we have been teaching the same thing for a few years, it is very likely that a student could bring forth an idea or question about something we had not considered, due to always doing things one particular way.
Thanks for sharing!


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