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This morning I was working at the golf course and watching the morning talk shows.  The View was on and the ladies were talking about the "Hot Topics".  In the states in private schools the teachers are finding that the parents of their students were sending the nannies to do all the "parent" work for their children.  They sent their nannies to do things such as bake sales at the school and field trips.  The parents excuses were that they already pay so much money for these teachers to teach their children, they should not have to put in their "free" time to go to the school to do the teachers job.

My question is to my blog readers is what is your opinion about parents involvement with in school activities with their children?

My personal opinion about this subject is I understand that parents are very busy.  When I was in elementary school my parents were always too busy with work to help out with in school activities like back sales, pizza lunches, or field trips.  Most of these activities happen during the day when most parents are working so they are unable to attend.  But now coming from the teachers stand point having parents in your classroom gives your classroom a sense of community!  It allows us to have help with little things in our classrooms where we would not be able to give as much attention to if we were in this alone.  I am not a parent yet but when I do become a parent I think that attending these activities with your child creates a good relationship with your child in and out of school.

Krysten Nixon
05/21/2013 2:06pm

I think that as teachers we need to give parents many opportunities to be involved in their child's school life in different ways. Most parents want to be informed and take part in their child's education whether it involves parents helping with fundraisers or field trips, coming to school productions or conferences, or checking their child's homework or classroom blog. It is the teacher's job to communicate with the parents about what is going on in the classroom and offer an invitation for them to become involved. I am planning to use a classroom blog during my internship to communicate with parents and show them what is happening in the classroom on a daily basis.

Mariette Anderson
05/21/2013 3:49pm

Hi Brittney, as a parent I attended as many of the school functions as possible once I understood how important it was for me to participate. Both for the benefit of the school but also for my son. When I would arrive at the school to help his face would always lighten up. In today's busy world we may need to educate the parents on the benefits of engaging in their children's school communities. However, in larger schools maybe parents could be on a participation rotation. This way they would not be obliged to attend all functions. In our small school we need all the parents help whenever we hosted an event and consequently our school has real sense of community.


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