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I love the idea of puppets in the classroom! They really engage the students and it is something that I would love to bring into my internship.  Problem is that I do not want to spend a lot of money on a puppet, as the ones I have looked at are not cheap! 

I work up north at a golf course and one of the members there is a retired teacher.  We chat everyday about her years of teaching and one of the things she is known for is her puppets!  So this past month we have been chatting about how I could incorporate puppets into my internship classroom.. She was kind enough to bring in some of her puppets she uses when she sub teaches the other day! Here are some pictures I took..

I think these would be perfect for internship! And the best part about them is that they do not look hard to make so there is the possibility that I could make a bunch myself this summer!

My question to you my readers is would you ever use puppets in your classroom? Are you brave enough?  And if you have use

06/03/2013 5:38pm

Hey Brittney,
Those puppets look adorable! I feel using puppet in the classroom makes the learning more fun! I have had a chance where I used puppet in my class for clarifying some concept in Science and it did work. We as teachers should remember that children learn by talking, both to fellow mates and their teachers and using puppet really get them talking. I was amazed to see how actively students were participating in the discussion with the puppet.
It am in love with the idea of puppet in classroom!
Thanks for sharing :)

06/03/2013 6:33pm

I'll admit that when I first read your post, I kind of thought you were off your rocker! Puppets in the classroom just seemed a little silly. However, then I thought maybe you are interested in teaching at the elementary level. In that case, puppets would be awesome. Also, they are adorable and do look really easy and fun to make in whatever character like.

On further thought, I realised that puppets could be a really good way to read plays as a class in high school too! If you really put effort into it, you could have students design a stage for the puppet show they would put on as they read the play and even have them make period costumes for the characters. It could be a really engaging and creative way to have your students read otherwise dry Shakespeare!


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