ECMp 355 blog spot
I just watched this YouTube clip and I am totally inspired by this strong woman.  She is so inspiring and speaks so emotionally about the teaching profession.  She speaks from the heart and says nothing but the truth.  Her love and passion for the teaching profession is contagious.  Please watch this clip and share. :)

Mariette Anderson
05/23/2013 8:28pm

Brittney check out PBS they occasionally play TEDtalks Education. I saw episode a few weeks ago, but I was unable to watch the other speakers because I was meeting a high school student. We were planning a phys. Ed. class for the following day.

05/24/2013 11:04am

I really like this video and inspires me lot about teaching.Whatever she said is true and I am impressed by the love for her profession.Thanks for sharing.
Have a great weekend!


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