ECMp 355 blog spot
After listening to Sue Waters during the live session this morning, I was unsure of what I could do to improve my blog.  I know my blog is by no means amazing but I think I am doing alright for a beginning blogger! So to begin the journey of improving my blogs I started scanning through the ECMP 355 homepage and found a posting by Jocelyn Thomas.  She posted a link to a site that allows you track how many visits you have on your blog.  I ended up signing up for this site and I am now able to see how many visits I have to my blog!  The site is called StatCounter.  It was incredibly easy to sign up for and really easy to use.

I know Sue mentioned to not worry about who views your blog and how many do but right now I find it interesting to know that people are actually reading this!  Cause sometimes I get the feeling I am talking to wallpaper.

So I would like to send out a big thank you Jocelyn Thomas for giving me inspiration for this tech task.  You can follow Jocelyn at her blog at

Also as you can see I have taken Sues' note on how to link things I mention on here to the page I am talking about or referencing.  If you click on the words or names that are redish brown colour it will take you directly to the page I was talking about!  Such a handy tool to have. 

I would like to thank Sue Waters for sharing her knowledge about blogging.  Hopefully I can make use of all the information she gave us.

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05/23/2013 6:36am

Well done Brittney. I think simply adding links has already improved your post. Not that every link gets clicked but it does allow the reader to learn more about things they may not know much about. I also love the idea of pointing to others' ideas as well, particularly your own classmates.


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