ECMp 355 blog spot
Part 1: Tweet
I tweeted @gcouros thanking him for sharing his perspective about Personal vs. Professional social media.  He gave a view from each side of the fence about this controversial topic in education.  In my university classes we are constantly reminded to remember that we are "role models" and should not be posting anything inappropriate on our personal social media feeds as once its on the internet it is there forever. 

George made me feel a little more at ease with this idea of keeping your personal feeds but allowing them to be professional at the same time.  He mentioned that you should always be aware of what your posting.  If you would be embarrassed by a future employer finding a post about you, you probably should not post it.

I've been on the fence for awhile about deleting my Face Book, but after hearing this Live Session I have more reasons to keep my social media feeds.

Part 2: Google Yourself
The name Brittney Evans is a very common name.   There is a Dallas Cheerleader whose name is Brittney Evans.  I've Googled myself before just to make sure that I cannot find anything about myself.  So when I Googled myself I was happy to see that I still cannot find any of the links that popped up lead to me. 

Personally, in the future I would like Googling my name to stay this way.  I prefer to keep my personal social media feeds private.  I do not post many things on my feeds but when I do it is mostly me posting pictures of things that happen in my day to day life.  Those things are not embarrassing but I think there needs to be a line between work and personal life.  I feel if those two crossed over into my social media feeds I would get rid of it all and walk away from all my feeds.  I know what goes on the internet stays there forever, which I am very aware of.  I always double check what I post on the internet in the event someone found it I ask myself "how would I feel if my mom saw this? or what if my future boss saw this? or my future children?"  Very rarely do I say "I would be mortified if they saw this!"

Part 3: About Me
Here is the link to my About Me page!  What an interesting website.. I've never heard of it before so it is a little hard to figure out how to navigate around but I think I could get used to it.  Kind of a cool way to find people and their personal social media feeds.

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