ECMp 355 blog spot
I have to say this is the hardest tech task yet for me.  I browsed through some of the options and it has been a struggle for me to dig into my creative side to complete this task.  This was definetely a challenge but I was up for it!  Anyways!  This tech task was based off of the live session with Alan Levine.  He talked about different ways of telling stories and all the available technology *free* we have at the tips of our finger tips!  So for this tech task we were asked to complete two of the four options given to us..Here is the link to the actual assignment (Tech Task 6)

So to begin this tech task I picked #2 Five Card Flickr: Tell 2 stories and embed them on your blog.
Here is the link to my first story which I called Race Against Time.
and my second story which I called Backwards.

I chose to do the Five Card Flickr because I like the idea of how it is a random hand that you are dealt.  That way you are not getting too into your thoughts and you are then able to think on your feet.  I really like this tool, it is very easy to use and was easy to learn how to make my story.  I would suggest using this tool in middle years classrooms as you could incorporate it into the English Language Arts part of the curriculum.

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