ECMp 355 blog spot
For the second part of this tech task I chose to use The Daily Create option.
This was option #4 The Daily Create: Choose 3 Daily Create from 3 different genres and post to the daily create site and yours.

First I chose the photography genre.. and I did The Daily Create 501 which asked to take a picture that expresses good times and upload it to Flickr.  This is the picture I uploaded.. and the link to it on Flickr
I think this photo represents good times forsure!  What do you think?

The second genre I chose was writing and I picked The Daily Create 504  Write a letter to your 16 year old self.  I titled my story To my 16 year old self..  This was a difficult task as I wanted to make this letter meaningful.  But a really good challenge, I actually ended up getting a little emotional writing this one!

The third genre I chose was Drawing.  I chose The Daily Create 375 Draw a picture of one of your first memories growing up, and upload it to Flickr.  I chose to draw my first trip to Disney Land.  Here's my drawing!
The Daily Create is really easy to use, and I believe that this could be used in your classroom if you are teaching middle years.  You could use the writing genre as prompts for your students in a creative writing workshop!  Very easy to use tool, and great that you have tons of options to scroll throug


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