ECMp 355 blog spot
This Mondays Live Session was from Liz Klob.  She discussed a very controversial topic in todays classrooms, using mobile devices (ie. cell phones) in the classroom for learning purposes.

A question she asked was would you (the teacher) rather have complete control over the technology in YOUR classroom, or would you rather let your students have control of the technology.. Personally I am kind of on the fence with this one.  I would love to bring cell phones into my classroom (to an extent).  I think I could give partial control over to the students, but I do not think I would be able to allow students to use cell phones all the time.

Something I really like is QR codes! I think they would be a neat idea to bring into a lesson plan.  A way I was thinking could be to do experimental learning in centers.. allow the students to explore and figure out the activities on their own by scanning the code.  Or like the example Liz gave in her presentation use it as a scavenger hunt with your students!

I would have to do some experimenting and investigating about other ways to incorporate cell phones in the classroom.  I am interning in a grade 1/2 classroom with majority of the class being grade 1.  I am not to sure what types of technology these children have because I know when I was in that grade I definitely did not have my own cell phone.  So maybe it is possible that the school as iPads, or some of the children have iPod touches to work with!

The opportunities are endless with a little experimentation and investigating I am sure mobile devices in the classroom would be fun and very beneficial to the student and the teacher!


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